We offer superior professional audits of financial statements. Our auditing services are not only oriented to comply with legal obligations but to the evaluation of business quality, thus exceeding routine operating procedures.

We attach great importance to working with business owners and the supervisory and management boards that represent their interests. We use innovative methods in order to identify the areas of highest financial risk for the operation of the company. In applying them, we ensure greater safety for our clients and an increased level of certainty in that no material issues have been disregarded during the review.

Our practical knowledge of IFRS derives from services we provide to listed stock issuers and companies subject to cross-border consolidation. We continuously improve our skills in this area.

We conduct the following audit works:

  • statutory audit and review of standalone and consolidated financial statements according to the Polish or international standards on auditing
  • verification of consolidation packages
  • due dilligence
  • audit of projects and programmes financed from EU resources and other grants/aid funds
  • privateĀ  general or limited reviews
  • verification of compliance and completness of accounting rules in the company
  • audit of IPO prospectuses
  • other certifing work


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